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1063-1069 & 1075 Barclay Street

Thank you to everyone who participated in our virtual open houses on May 21 and 23, 2020.


We submitted a Rezoning Application to the City of Vancouver on June 15, 2020. You can view our proposal on the City's website:

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.38.11 AM.png

Site Context

1063 - 1075 Barclay Street is located at one of the key gateways to the West End neighbourhood.

The properties are:

  • within walking distance to several shopping streets (Burrard, Robson, and Davie);

  • well-served by transit;

  • located within a vibrant residential neighbourhood; and

  • in close proximity to parks and bike routes.

The West End

The West End is a diverse, vibrant, and growing neighbourhood.

The West End:

  • The densest local area in the city, with a growing population.

  • A growing population of seniors.

  • A growing number of families.

  • A large population of new immigrants and non-permanent residents.

  • A neighbourhood with many lower-income residents and households.

  • A large working population filling jobs in many sectors.

  • Highest rates in the City for walking, cycling, or transiting to work, with most residents having a commute time of one hour or less.

The West End Community Plan

The West End Plan focuses new development along the Thurlow-Burrard and the
Georgia-Alberni corridors.

The West End Plan visualizes the anticipated build-out of the community in the massing study shown here. The blue buildings in the image to the left, show how the West End Plan visualizes the anticipated buildout of the community. 

*Image sourced from the City of Vancouver West End Plan

Mix of Housing Options

Our current proposal consists of 25% social housing and 75% condominiums, ranging from one to three-bedroom suites.
This will result in the creation of approximately  79 new social housing suites and approximately 295 condominiums in the West End.

Family-Oriented Housing

We are proposing to provide significant housing for families, including:

  • At least 50% of the social housing suites will be suitable for families (2-bedrooms or larger)

  • At least 35% of the condominiums will be suitable for families (2-bedrooms or larger)

Tower in the Park

Our proposal includes generous landscaping, trees, and seating to create a parklike setting.

Shared Outdoor Amenity Space

We are proposing a shared outdoor amenity space for all of the building’s residents, regardless of their housing tenure (social housing or condominium).


Our goal is to create a welcoming space where everyone can spend time and relax.

Public Plaza

We are proposing a public plaza at the southeast corner of our property.

Our goal is to create a quiet space, where community members can enjoy the neighbourhood.

Animating the Lane

Our proposal includes public realm improvements to Stovold Lane to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

Our goal is to animate the lane to foster a sense of neighbourliness and community. Laneways play a critical role in the functioning of the West End community, and we wanted to help celebrate that. 

Sustainable Design Strategies

We design our buildings with future generations in mind. Our proposal will employ sustainable design strategies to meet Low Emissions Green Buildings requirements, inclulding building performance limits for reduced consumption.

Iconic Architecture

Our design is informed by Vancouver’s natural surroundings, including flora and fauna. We drew inspiration from the gingko tree leaf when sculpting the building and the balconies.

Supporting the Local Economy

New residents will contribute to a more robust local economy.

Complete communities are home to people of all ages and abilities, with services and amenities within walking distance to housing.


Pacific Northern’s proposal is located in the bustling West End and will provide housing options for a range of backgrounds and incomes.


The new building will bring more people to the area, providing more customers for West End businesses, including those located on Robson, Davie, and Burrard.


Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.39.52 PM.png

Have questions?

 Email us directly at


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604-731-9053 ext 101

Visit the City of Vancouver's project website:

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